Butterfly pea / LoRa Photography

2016© LoRa Photography


A thousand and one years ago in the time when the creatures of the Himapan Forest still roamed among humans there lived a woman called Isra. One night while she was sleeping Kinnari (half woman, half bird) came to her house and beckoned her to follow. Together they flew through the starlit sky, over moonlit lotus ponds and ancient temples. Finally they entered the Himapan forest. They walked for awhile along the scented path until they came to a flower that Isra had never seen before.

Take this with you back to the village and plant it in your garden next to the fence. It will give rest to anyone who sees it.

Isra did as Kinnari said and the plant grew fast and tall. The flowers were a beautiful blue.

One day Isra decided to pluck them and make tea from them and enchanted all her neighbours by adding a squeeze of lime which turned the drink a pinky purple. And that is how we came to have Anchan Tea.

Himapan Forests might have disappeared from the face of the Earth a long time ago but one of their species, namely the butterfly blue pea, continued to thrive with the result that even today it is revered as a miracle and as something auspicious.