Guan Di Temple / LoRa Photo

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Guan Di Temple (also known as Kuan Ti Temple) is a beautiful Taoist temple.

The origin of this temple comes from one of China’s greatest warriors known as General Kwan, Guan Di or Guan Yu. He was given the title of ‘God of War’ and many had chosen to worship him due to his excellent fighting and war skills. Many believed that with his blessings and protection, the well-being of a person can be achieved. However, the God of War will only grant wishes to those with a pure mind.

This is where the legendary 59kg copper Guan Dao (Chinese pole weapon) is located. Many have been continuously swarming this temple as they believed that the sword possesses a special power to bless and protect a person if he/she touches or lifts it. Some even believe that it has an inner force that can magically turn a person’s luck around as well.