Kokoreç / Lora Photography

Lora Photography 2009

Kokoreç or Kokoretsi is a dish of the Balkans and Anatolia consisting mainly of lamb or goat intestines, often wrapping seasoned offal, including sweetbreads, hearts, lungs or kidneys.

It is usually roasted on a horizontal skewer over a charcoal, gas, or electrical burner.

The cooked kokoretsi is chopped, sprinkled with oregano, and served on a plate. Sometimes it is served on a piece of flatbread. Some add tomatoes or spices in it. It may also (especially in Turkey) be served in half a baguette or in a sandwich bun, plain or garnished, almost always with oregano and red pepper. In Turkey, common side dishes are pickled peppers or cucumbers.

Kokoreç is one of the most consumed fast foods in Turkey.