Place de L’étang / Lora Photography

2014© Lora Photography

Cucuron is best known for its beautiful pool of water in the main square (called a bassin), so big it is like a small lake, and home to many contented-looking fish who can’t believe their luck that they are not stuck in a small fountain with coins raining down on their heads. (You can’t swim in the bassin, by the way).

The bassin and square are shaded by towering, 200-year-old plane trees, which pleases the diners in the restaurant and bar alongside the water. Whether it is psychological or physical, the water seems to cool down the hottest days. Cucuron market, a great little market, takes place around the bassin on Tuesday mornings.

In the parlance of southern France, the term Cucuron-les-Olivettes means a remote place, devoid of interest or place that does not exist.