The old warehouses, Kavarna / LoRa Photography

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Kavarna is a small port town on the Black Sea. It is one of the ancient towns on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. First it was situated near to the sea but after an earthquake in I c. B.C. the old town Byzone has been partly drowned into the sea and later, in Roman times, it was rebuilt at a new place, a few km inland.

Six of the old warehouses in the port of Kavarna are declared architectural monuments of culture. Тhe old shops were built in 1800 and were warehouses to serve the port. Тhey were divided according to the products stored in them. On the far right, next to cape Chirakman, serves to store exotic fruits, dates and others. The middle one was a grain warehouse. The far left housed the old fish market. It was divided into several sections, dried and salted fish were sold in the front warehouse, and in the back there were troughs in which the fish was dried or left in salt to be sold in the front.