The Shipka Monument / LoRa Photo

2018© LoRa Photo

The Shipka Monument is on Stoletov Peak near the pass, reached by a flight of steps or a short road. It is a Monument to those who died for the Liberation of Bulgaria during the Battles of Shipka Pass in the Russo-Turkish War of 1877-78.

The monument is a 31.5-metre high stone tower in the form of a truncated pyramid. A giant bronze lion, 8 m long and 4 m high, stands above the entrance to the tower, and a figure of a woman represents the victory over the Ottoman forces. A marble sarcophagus housing some of the remains of the Russian and Bulgarian casualties is on the first floor. There are four other floors where one can find replica of Bulgarian military flags and other relics. The top of the tower reveals a panorama of Shipka Peak and the surrounding area.